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Quick Start Classes are one of our best member benefits!  They are

Your Blueprint for Success!

Quick Start is a series of weekly classes designed to acquaint the novice and the seasoned investor with real estate investing fundamentals. You can't attend a class without learning something!

View our Calendar to see which class is coming up this week.

These classes are held every Tuesday evening at the JaxREIA Office, located at 
6821 Southpoint Drive, North -- Suite #226 -- Jacksonville, FL  32216. This is our office on the second floor.

The instructor begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. and ends about 9:00 p.m. If you would like to network, we encourage you to arrive at 6:30 p.m. Food and beverages are not available, so please plan accordingly.

Since Quick Start classes are taught year round in a series, if you miss one or more all you have to do is wait for the rotation and attend or repeat the class.  Membership INCLUDES Quick Start Classes for ALL levels of membership, so attend as often as you like. 

Members may attend all Quick Start classes as many times as you like for FREE.

Guests may attend 2 Quick Start classes, 2 Main Meetings, or 1 Quick Start Class and 1 Main Meeting for FREE, and then must join as a JaxREIA member to continue their education.

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Our current weekly Quick Start Series is as follows:

Introduction to Real Estate Investing – James Fawthrop
  • Strategies of Investing
  • REI definition
  • Glossary of REI terms
  • Outline 3-5 different strategies of investing
  • Review 3 strategies: wholesaling, rehabbing, and landlording
  • Cover basic concepts: MAO, ARV, ROI
  • Possibilities for creative financing
  • Transactional Lending
  • Self-Directed IRA

DEAL ANALYSIS & FUNDS - Christian Rambler

  • Comparable
  • Method, insight, examples of:
    • Cash:
    • HELOC
  • Credit Card
  • Conventional Financing
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Private Lenders
  • Joint Ventures

Due Diligence -
Deb Burkett

  • Finding visuals / photos of the property online.
  • Permits
  • Zoning
  • Liens
  • Taxes
  • Code Violations / Property Condemnations
  • Ownership
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure in process
  • Assessments
  • Property Inspection
  • Neighborhood and Crime Stats

Technology in REI - Khristi Viktoriany

  • Go over how to navigate and utilize the JaxREIA website
  • Useful website for REI business (at least 10)
  • Useful App for REI business (at least 10)

Contracts & Closings – Laura Riebsame

  • Types of purchase and sale contracts:
    • NEFAR standard
    • FARBAR
  • Example of non-NEFAR contract
  • Explain what makes a strong, binding contract (buy and sell sides)
  • Explain the minimal requirements for having a binding contract in Florida.
  • Familiarize attendees with the various sections and clauses of a contract
  • Refer to resources that can help with contracts (title company, RE attorney)

- Gonzalo Corzo

  • Definition of wholesaling
  • Definition of equitable interest
  • Explain the legal ramifications of acting as an agent without a license
  • Clearly define the differences
  • Co-wholesaling?
  • Components a strong wholesaling contract
  • How to build a buyer database
  • Process of selling or assigning the contract
  • Touch on variations: JV, wholesaling, reverse wholesaling, double closing vs. single closing

Dealing With Contractors
– Cameron Gaskill

  • How to find and get bids from contractors
  • Screen contractors
  • Documents needed from contractors: W-9, Workman’s Comp or Exception, Liability insurance,
                State license(s), County license(s), Business license
  • Example contractor agreement(?) and discuss important clauses
  • Importance of executing a release of lien document

– Cameron Gaskill

  • How to derive a rehab budget
  • Property Inspection & Permit
  • Rehab for Rental vs. flip

Rental Properties & Landlording- Steven Carter

  • Definition of hold property 
  • Responsibilities & Right of  landlords
  • Strategies for buying rental properties
  • Example  of strategies of finding and screening tenants
  • Strategies for keeping tenants
  • Types of maintenance requires and some guidelines for setting reserves
  • Go over the lease agreement, and some important clauses to include
  • Processes of turning properties over between tenants
  • Federal tax implication of being a landlord
  • Fair housing laws.
  • Property Manager
  • HUD

Goal Setting in REI
– Kim Ceratto

  • Have students define clear and focused REI goals for the next 12 months.
  • Assist students in developing their 120-day action plan based on those goals.

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