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Education: Quickstart Courses

QuickStart classes are one of our best member benefits!  They are

Your Blueprint for Success!

QuickStart is a series of weekly classes designed to acquaint the novice and the seasoned investor with real estate investing fundamentals.

You can't attend a class without learning something!

View our Calendar to see which class is coming up this week.


These classes are held every Tuesday evening at the JaxREIA Office, located at 
103 Century 21 Drive, Suite 202. This are our offices on the second floor.

The instructor begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. and ends about 9:00 p.m. If you would like to network, we encourage you to arrive at 6:30 p.m. Food and beverages are not available, so please plan accordingly.

Since QuickStart classes are taught year round in a series if you miss one or more all you have to do is wait for the rotation and attend or repeat the class.  Membership INCLUDES QuickStart Classes for ALL levels of membership, so attend as often as you like. 


Members may attend all QuickStart classes as many times as you like for FREE.

Guests may attend 2 QuickStart classes, 2 Main Meetings, or 1 QuickStart Class and 1 Main Meeting for FREE, and then must join as a JaxREIA member to continue their education.


Sign Up as a Guest and Receive Your 2 FREE Classes!

Our current weekly QuickStart Series is as follows:

QS 1: Introduction to Real Estate Investing 
Instructor: Bob Sargent
There’s so much to cover!  How do you find properties?  Money?  What is your exit strategy?  Are you into landlording?  Flipping?  How do you value properties?  Is it a bad neighborhood?  The numbers count so learn how to make them work or walk away!  Networking with other investors.  Practice Due DILIGENCE!

QS 2: Finding the Funds to Buy or Sell
Instructor: Christian Rambler
Financing requires diligence in planning and staying on top of the choices that are out there. Learn about your finance options and how your finance choices affect your Real Estate business. Christian will help you understand the 4 pillars of loan qualification: Credit, Collateral, Cash and Capacity.  

QS 3: Finding Houses
Instructor: Cameron Gaskill
Is it easy to find houses?   Sure, it's easy to find houses for sale.   You want to find houses for sale that are worth your time, effort, and money.   Cameron will teach you what to look for, and will teach you how to find houses that are most likely to be profitable.  Remember:  Buy low, Sell High!

QS 4:  Technology 

Instructor:   Khristi Viktoriany

JaxREIA has a new website! Learn how to make your profile unique, get JaxREIA newsletters (current and past) at your finger tips, ask questions to our knowledgeable members between meetings, promote properties with pictures and send email to other members. In other words, how to enhance your real estate business. Also, we'll also go over how Social media, Google and smart phone apps can enhance your business. Be sure to bring your favorite app to share with other REIA members, because sharing is caring. Hope to see you there!

QS 5:  Rental Properties & Landlording

Instructor: Steven Carter

This class will teach you how to survive and prosper in today's rental market.  Do you know what kinds of properties are ideal to be rental properties?  Do you know what you can/can't do legally?  During this class you'll  learn the rights of a landlord and the rights of a tenant.   This is where you'll learn what you can do to maximize your profits. 

QS 6:  Goal Setting

Instructor: James Perkins

You wouldn't think about going on a trip without a map or GPS ... so why would anyone consider investing in real estate without a plan?  During this class James will provide information you need to plan for success!   You'll develop your plan during this class!

QS 7:  Investing With IRAs

Instructor: Bob Sargent

One of the ways to achieve financial success is to use IRAs to fund your projects.  Be careful ... learn how to do this legally!  

QS 8: Contractors & Rehabs
Instructor:  Cameron Gaskill
At some time in your investment career you will need a contractor.  Do you need permits?  Does licensing matter?  How do you make punch lists?  How do you know you are getting competitive quotes?  How can you ‘partner’ with your contractor by getting a good deal?  Are there ways to save and make you money?  Cameron has rehabbed hundreds of homes and will share his experience with you in this class. 

QS 9: Understanding the Purchase and Sale Contract & Closings

Instructor: Laura Riebsame           

Understand what closing costs mean… It’s ALL Negotiable! Know the legalities of a contract and understand your responsibilities. Unravel the mysteries of the “HUD-1” settlement statement. Laura will take you through Step-by-Step closings. Learn about the appraisal, survey, WDO, title insurance, and MORE!

QS 10: Tax Certificates & Tax Deeds
Instructor:  Laura Riebsame

Buying Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds can be profitable.  It's like so many other things ... there are considerations.   Laura will teach you what is important, what needs to be researched, and how it can be accomplished.

QS 11:  Wholesaling
Instructor: James Perkins
What does it take to become a successful wholesaler?   James Perkins has many years of experience in wholesaling and will teach you how to be successful, too!  James will teach you the ins and outs.

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